Lovat Arms Hotel

  • Location: Beauly, Inverness-shire
  • Woodfuel usage: central heating and hot water for hotel

Lovat Arms is a landmark Victorian hotel, refurbished to a high standard with 29 modern bedrooms.

As part of the upgrade, the hotel has switched to renewable energy, with an environmentally-friendly wood fuel boiler providing the central heating and hot water. This modern and efficient system uses locally-supplied wood chips and has substantially reduced heating costs.

The supplier tips the wood chips into a purpose built 10 tonne underground fuel store. Delivery is quick and efficient with minimal disturbance at the site.

The woodfuel is fed directly from the pit to the boiler by a series of augers.

Facts and Figures

Note: figures are approximate

Heating System
Boiler manufacturer/model Fröling Turbomatic
Fuel type Wood chips
Fuel specification Moisture content: <30% (M30)
Delivery, storage and handling Chips are tipped into a underground fuel store, and fed to the boiler by a series of augers
Store capacity 10 tonnes (115 m3)
Back-up/top-up system Accumulator tanks (2 x 1800 litres)
Fuel Consumption and Savings
Annual woodfuel use 200 tonnes
Annual CO2 savings 271 tonnes
Installation Funding
Funding source Highlands and Islands Enterprise (Inverness & East Highland), European Union Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and Forestry Commission Scotland