Standards for Wood Pellets

Wood pellets are described by Standards which primarily describe size and shape and moisture content, but also density, durability, ash content and chemical composition.

Most pellet appliances in the UK require 6mm pellets, made form virgin wood. Some larger industrial boilers can burn 8mm pellets made from recycled wood, straw, miscanthus and other biomass material such as coffee grounds or nut kernels and husks.

The BS EN ISO 17225 standard applies to pellets as well, and is widely adopted in the UK. Grades are referred to as EN Plus A1, EN A1 and EN B.

The full specificaion for wood pellets can be purchased on the BSI website.

Other useful links:

  • UK Pellet Council is a trade body which represents the interests of the UK pellet sector.  The website also infomation for consumers on certified pellet producers and traders.