Suspension of RHI Fuel Quality Requirements

Suspension of RHI Fuel Quality Requirements

4th August 2023

If you are a current user of wood pellets for your heating requirements and are in receipt of RHI payment, you will be well aware of the fuel sustainability requirements and how to remain compliant.  Wood pellets are required to meet the EN Plus A1 standard and meet the Woodsure Certification scheme.


From the 23rd of November 2022 to 22nd of November 2023 these wood fuel quality requirements have been suspended. This is due to wood pellet shortages being created by unprecedented events in Ukraine. The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) (now known as DEZNEZ) introduced the temporary suspension of quality requirements for wood pellets, but other fuels such as woodchip, logs and briquettes are still required to meet their relevant quality and sustainability standards.


While this may negatively impact biomass boiler efficiency and air emissions in the short term, it is thought that it is necessary to avoid unwanted price rises in wood fuel costs or lack of supply altogether. If you have additional questions on compliance, OFGEM are willing to discuss with individuals about how to remain operational in accordance with their emission certificates.


Further information is available at: Rules for Biomass Fuel – Woodfuel Requirements