Biomass: a Sustainable Source of Renewable Energy

Usewoodfuelscotland provides an impartial source of information on biomass in Scotland. It seeks to support market growth, improve standards and spread best practice.

Guidance for Biomass Users

Planning a Biomass System

Step by step advice from choosing a fuel to finding an installer and procurement.

Buying Wood Fuel

Options for purchasing wood fuel, where to find a supplier and quality standards...

Troubleshooting & Maintenance

Guidance on solving problems and securing maintenance services.
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Key Resources

Find a Biomass Installer

Advice on finding and selecting a wood fuel installer, including the usewoodfuel installer list.

Find a Wood Fuel Supplier

How to find the right wood fuel supplier for you.

Available Funding

Applications for the RHI are now closed. What is the RHI and is there funding available for wood fuel systems?
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News and Events

1st March 2024

Next Friday, the 8th of March, the Delivering net zero for Scotland’s buildings – Heat in Buildings Bill: consultation comes […] Read more

30th November 2023

On Tuesday the 28th of November, Scottish Government published their consultation paper “Delivering Net Zero for Scotland’s buildings – Heat […] Read more

8th November 2023

From 23rd November 2022 the wood fuel quality requirement for pellets used in RHI compliant boilers has been suspended. At […] Read more

3rd October 2023

The 5th edition of the UK’s Forestry Standard document has been published today (October 3rd). Multiple references to the use […] Read more

10th August 2023

The long awaited Biomass Strategy has been released by the UK Government. It lays out the role that sustainable biomass […] Read more

4th August 2023

If you are a current user of wood pellets for your heating requirements and are in receipt of RHI payment, […] Read more

23rd June 2023

Debunking Biomass – Reasons we should use it Biomass is a low carbon, renewable source of energy found in significant […] Read more

31st March 2023

The Non-Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive is now closed to all applicants. See our page on the RHI and other funding […] Read more

9th January 2023

Home Energy Scotland are providing grants and interest-free loans to help with energy efficiency measures for homeowners in Scotland. Maximum […] Read more

26th July 2022

Woodfuel from short rotation forestry (SRF) has the potential to contribute significantly to Scotland’s renewables mix, in the drive to […] Read more

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