Corpach Log Boiler

Log boilers, unlike chip or pellet systems, require manual handling and they may, therefore, not be suitable for everyone. But for those who have the resources and time they can be an ideal low cost option (from domestic-sized situations upwards to heating for larger spaces such as village halls with a heat output need of 70-80 kW), especially where potential end users have their own source of fuel.  For those that wish a degree of flexibility, there are multi fuel boilers which can burn both logs (manual feeding) and pellets (automated feeding) so that if, for example, you go away for a few days there can be heating and hot water on your return.

The 33kW log boiler at Corpach, Lochaber, provides space heating and hot water for one household.  Estimated savings on heating bills are £1350 per annum and the system may be eligible to receive payments under the Renewable Heat Incentive.