Controls Strategy

It is important that all biomass installations have an appropriate controls strategy in place that takes into account how they will interface with the existing (or new) heat distribution system in the property.

In the simplest systems, the accumulator/buffer tank can act as an interface between the new biomass installation and the existing heat distribution system, with the controls in the existing system configured to view the tank as the ‘boiler’, i.e. the ultimate source of heat for the heating system.  In this configuration, the boiler controls simply monitor the buffer/accumulator tank, responding to the rate of depletion observed from the sensor outputs.

While effective, this approach does not deliver optimal efficiencies, and more advanced Austrian manufacturers offer very powerful control systems which replicate and often enhance the functions of a traditional building management system (BMS).

Having an appropriate controls strategy (and installed controls package) is considered vital for the effective and efficient performance, and in some parts of Europe, minimum standards are mandated as part of government support schemes.