Global and European facts and figures

Biomass is a vital component of the renewable energy mix not only in Scotland but across the rest of the EU and globally.

Biomass is the largest source of renewable energy today providing heat, electricity, as well as transport fuels.

Globally biomass use amounts to about one billion tonnes of oil equivalent, a level comparable to the consumption of gas or coal. This makes it the largest renewable source in use worldwide.


Biomass’s contribution to the EU’s 2020 renewables objectives is crucial.

  • By 2020, bioenergy is expected to contribute half of the EU’s renewables target (which is 20% of total energy use).
  • In 2014, biomass (107.212 ktoe) accounted for 61% of all renewable energy consumed, which is 10% of the gross final consumption of all energy in Europe.
  • 73% of biomass consumed in Europe was used in the heating sector (76.998 ktoe). Bioelectricity accounts for 14% (14.349 ktoe) while biofuels’ share represents the remaining 13% of total European biomass consumption (14.141 ktoe).

Further information on biomass in Europe:

Bioenergy Europe (formerly AEBIOM) has compiled a number of reports from different data sources in order to create a clear picture of the biomass resources available in Europe.